Mr. Senator, We need change

Mr. Senator,

We need change.

And you need to change out that bike. You wouldn’t have had to put the adjustable quill stem on your 2002 Trek 7000 if you had gotten it in the correct size for your 6’1″ frame. 17.5″ won’t cut it. The larger size frame would put your legs in the proper position and the longer head tube would still allow you to be in a fairly upright riding postion.

Believe in it.

p.s. take the size sticker off of the seat tube


Million Dollar Bike

So I decided to ride my $1 Million custom built Nashbar road bike in the Olympics today. Okay so we don’t really make one yet but someone else does and the Dutch are hoping it will help their olympic dreams come true check it

What are you to do?

This could be a real problem that I don’t know if any of our biggest tech geeks could fix.

What do you when you’ve got Pittsburgh on your tires?

Hope everyone had fun at the event. If you’re a nashbar customer and were there, please let us know in the comments how you dealt with this knobby problem.

Bike Sharing Across the US

Does your town or city have a bike sharing program? If no, why not start one or at least get your local government interested?

DC is taking the lead in the arena of self-service public bike programs and if they can do it there then I think it’s definite to spread across the major metropolitan areas of the US and will hopefully lead urban planners to increasingly take bike friendliness into account in the design process.

With the cost of gas continuing to skyrocket in the US (and not easing in the foreseeable future) bike sharing programs may become the way of the future to cutting commuter costs, traffic, and the environmental effects of cars.

Below is a list of links to domestic and foreign bike share programs, some big, some smaller, but all worthwhile efforts to get people on a bike and out of the driver’s seat. Feel free to add any programs or other relevant info in the comments section.


SmartBikeDC – DC’s program is now active

Blue Urban Bikes – based in Chapel Hill, NC

Proposed program in SF (SF Gate article)

NYC – The New York Bike-Share Project


Velo’v – Lyon, France

OyBike – London, UK

citybikes – Copenhagen, Denmark

bicing – Barcelona, Spain (in Catala and Castellano)

Velib – Paris, France (in French)

–more international programs listed at NY Bike-Share Project here

Monday Deals

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The Floating Bike Tree

Well, it doesn’t really float but it keeps your bikes safe and secure with a biometric locking/unlocking system and saves pavement space:

The Bike Tree

From Abhinav Dapke



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